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Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while fishing on the Northwest Explorer. Fishing on Flathead and other surrounding lakes has been the Northwest Explorer's passion for more than 14 years. Formerly owned by Mike Howe who now owns Howe's Fishing, this boat comes with a wealth of experience and has been approved by the US Coast Guard. We provide you with a cooler so that you can keep your freshly caught fish on ice, as well as soda, snacks, and water. Capt. Bryan takes great pride in his boat, and you will be able to see why this charter boat is a favorite fish charter and known for its quality in northwest Montana.

Meet the Captain

Man holding a big fish

From fishing with his father as a child to teaching his grandchildren to fish, you could say Captain Bryan was born to fish. In addition to being a guide for Howe's Fishing under his belt, Bryan has also created Northwest Fishing Charters so as to better serve his clients.


From Flathead Lake to Alaska, Bryan has spent 29 years fishing and boating on a variety of lakes and oceans, offering a wide range of fishing styles and techniques. Bryan's customers get to enjoy a laid back vibe along with some fisheye eating contests that are a huge hit!